I’d rather wear his t-shirt

As much as I complain about shopping, I really do love the variety of clothes available. A million styles of blouses and t-shirts and slacks and skirts and yoga pants and don’t even get me started on my love for shoes!!    Clothes shopping can be hell sometimes (ok, anytime I’m trying to buy jeans, it is HELL, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post) but I do love that there is so much stuff for me to choose from.


with so much to choose from, why am I constantly wearing my husband’s old t-shirts?  Why are his t-shirts a hundred times softer against my skin than 99% of the clothes that I own?  His t-shirts get washed in the same detergent as mine,  his t-shirts get put through the dryer less often.  but they are so soft!!


why are men’s t-shirts the softest thing in the world, and women’s clothes and underwear and bras itchy as fuck?


Summer BBQ Frittata

I love cooking,  looking at cookbooks, messing around in the kitchen. It’s fun, it’s satisfying, I usually get something yummy to eat at the end, and if i put in too much or too little of something the food still tastes good. Cooking is forgiving and yummy.

I also enjoy seeing how complicated of a meal I can put together, sans recipe.  Sometimes that turns out yummy, and sometimes, not so much.

Summer BBQ Frittata was the happiest accident.

(and doesn’t “Summer BBQ Frittata” have a nice ring to it? It sounds like the name of recipe out of Country Living magazine.  No one ever has to know that my secret was simply using up what I had in the fridge and freezer!)

what do you like to have at a summer bbq? Brats, Mac and Cheese, cheeseburgers, and corn on the cob! and that’s what’s in this Frittata.

A frittata sounds fancy, but if you have eggs, and cheese, and a pie plate, and some other odds and ends, you can make one, and it will look all fancy (oh, you have some canteloupe or berries in the fridge? well look at you and your fancy pants garnish!).  I’ve been told that the trick to a great frittata is having the right eggs to dairy proportion, but my attitude is the more cheese the better and make sure you use something melty.  Alas, I had no shredded cheese in the fridge. But! I had those individually wrapped Babybel cheeses, and some string cheese sticks. So I used those.

Random things in my fridge and freezer that went into the frittata – 2 hot brats, a shallot, 3 green onions, what was left of the parsley, about a cup of frozen corn, two mozzarella cheese sticks cut up, two babybel cheese cut up, black pepper

here’s how to do it:

preheat the oven to 350

uncase the brats (reminder: buy bulk sausage next time), and brown in a large frying pan over medium heat. You shouldn’t need to add any additional oil. Break up the sausages as they cook. Cut the shallot and green onions up as small as you can, and put into the pan with the sausages. turn the heat down a little bit. Put the corn kernels in too.

in a mixing bowl, beat 5 eggs.   cut up the cheese real small, and mix that in with the eggs. chop the parsley, and mix that in to the eggs too, along with some black pepper. by now, your shallots and onions should be cooked.

Hopefully the sausage onion mixture is nice and greasy, that means you won’t have to grease your pie plate. If you used healthy(ier) turkey sausage, it’s probably not greasy enough, and you’ll have to grease the pie plate with some butter or something.

gently spoon the sausage onion mixture into the pie plate. Gently because it’s probably still really hot.  now pour the eggy mixture over.  now give it a good stir. go ahead and stir it up a little bit more.  pop it in the hot oven for 20-25 minutes.  it’s done when the edge is starting to brown, and the center is still a little gooey.  Let it sit on the counter for 5 minutes, and the center will firm right up.  I use a glass pie plate, if yours is metal or ceramic it’s going to cook a little differently.

this was the most random frittata I’ve ever made, and so far it’s been the most delicious. i think the trick was the sausage. mmmm…..  greasy deliciousness!!!

oh wait, it wasn’t a random stuff frittata, or a fridge leftovers frittata, this was <fancy voice> Summer BBQ Frittata</fancy voice>.






Take my boobs, please

Sometimes I think my life would be so much easier if I didn’t have to deal with having boobs:

  • they wouldn’t hurt for a week (or more) leading up to my period. yay for swelling!
  • I wouldn’t experience societal pressure for them to be bigger, perkier, defying gravity, etc
  • I wouldn’t have to spend a ton of money on bras
  • I wouldn’t be judged for my bra choices
  • I’d be able to wear a button up shirt without worrying about the shirt gapping on my chest


maybe it’s  not my boobs that are the problem, maybe I just need to get some xanax or valium so i’m not so worried/stressed/annoyed/anxious about boob stuff.

pill popping and getting some damn sleep

For period cramps I mix two regular strength IB Profins with one Aleve, and take more IB Profin 4 hours later. the first 24 hours of my period I have the worst damn cramps.  I’m sure people have worse cramps that I do, but these suck donkeyballs.  Last time I was at the drug store, I picked up a box of Midol, just for kicks (does anyone even buy that stuff anymore?) and the ingredients and quantities were identical to Excedrin, which for some reason was hilarious.  Someone once recommended putting a heating pad on my lower belly, but it made me nauseous.

Trying to get some sleep is the absolute worst. The first night, and sometimes the first two nights of my period, I’ll sleep propped up on the couch. Something about having my head propped up like that, and my feet pushing against the other arm of the sofa is just so comforting.

What’s your  OTC drug cocktail for period cramps?  Do you have a secret to getting some decent sleep while on the rag?

sweet ‘n salty

some people have a sweet tooth,  some people prefer salty snacks.

I like ’em mixed together.  chocolate covered pretzels?  sign me up.  Salted caramel ice cream? get in mah belly.

bad planning + cheapskate + trying to buy fewer unhealthy snacks = when I am in dire, hormonal need of PMS Sweet ‘n Salty, I get to improvise.


This is what I’ve come up with:


Are you as addicted to Pringles* as I am? Do you have some chocolate chips?   Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave, drag the Pringles through the chocolate, lay the Pringles on wax paper and put in the fridge. 20 minutes later, satisfy your need for sweet ‘n salty.


Buy a bag of good quality corn chips.  buy some chocolate pudding, I recommend CozyShack, but Jello brand will do just as good.  Dip corn chips in chocolate pudding, and ask yourself why you never thought to do this before.


Hubby only laughs a little bit when he finds me in the kitchen eating one of these concoctions, watching cat videos online, and practically crying.  he hands me the bottle of Tylenol, because he knows the cramps are right around the corner and that I’m too PMSy to take some pain meds.


*seriously, my old laptop died because so many pringle crumbs had fallen into the keyboard

Monthly thoughts

Originally, I’d wanted to create a blog that was all the frustrating, hormonal things I go through on a monthly basis.  But there’s no way I could come up with enough material for something like that.  This is something I came up with for that blog.  It was probably after watching an episode of Jessica Jones.


Here’s the story so far. . .

Our kickass female vigilante has caught another jackass graffiti artist. She chases him up a fire escape, and across a city rooftop. She finally catches him, and they go tumbling. He lands badly. Cradling his wrist, while she calls the cops on her cell phone, they have the following discussion. (No actual medical facts about broken bones were harmed in the writing of this scene.  it’s called suspension of disbelief, OK?)


Ow, you bitch! You broke something in my hand!


Can you wiggle your fingers?


Yes. what the fucks it to you?


Then it’s not broken. You just sprained it. Lay off the spray painting, and you’ll  be fine in a few days.


And what the fuck’mi supposed to do until then?


. . . .


Jesus christ this hurts. You have no idea how much pain I’m in! Bitch!







Um, like from taking me down  after chasing me across that rooftop?


No jackass.  Cramps from my uterus expelling everything in it.  Hurts like a motherfucker, is mother nature’s way of congratulating me for not getting knocked up, and happens for 48 hours solid every 4 weeks.


And  . . .  it feels like a broken hand?


Sprained. And it feels like, let’s see.  Have someone kick you in the balls, and then run a two-day obstacle course while a red hot poker is occasionally shoved up your ass. And do all of this while convincing everyone around you that nothing out of the ordinary is going on.  Oh, and do it every month. For  35 years.


Wow. i, guess i better man up?

I believe you mean pussy up. And yes.

About this blog’s name

“girl stuff” is my nickname for feminine hygiene products. My husband and I will be at the grocery store (we often shop together), and we’ll get to the heath and beauty area of the store, and he’ll ask me “do you need girl stuff?” I have a corner of the bathroom vanity that is “girl stuff”. When I pack my suitcase for business trips, he’ll say “do you have girl stuff in there, if you need it?”

girl stuff
[gurl stuf]
1. slang term for feminine hygiene products
2. all encompassing slang term for stuff that women get to deal with. Periods. hormones. birth control pills. societal expectations. judging other women for their completely valid life choices. men.

and that’s what the posts on this blog will be about.