Is this what Arthritis feels like?

it started last winter. My knuckles would be a little stiff, a little swollen. I’d have to take my wedding rings off, which is annoying, because I’m kinda obsessed about wearing them.  it felt like I’d bashed my hands against a brick wall, I expected bruises to show up.  heat and humidity helped.


Our apartment is three flights up, and the outdoor steps are really steep. Sometimes my knees would lock up as I was walking down the stairs.


It rained all weekend, and damn did we need the rain. My knees have been hurting since Friday. I biked on our excercize  bike for about a half hour, and they stopped hurting, and then started again. Ice pack didn’t help.  they just hurt like a mofo.


I’m 37.  Is this arthritis? Is this normal?


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