Dear Blue Jeans, I love you but. . .

Dear Blue Jeans,

I love you, but we gotta talk.

You’ve always been there for me.  Your denim is so soft against my skin, your seams hold up, I can wear you with flats or heeled boots, I can wear you with anything!  You survive forever, no matter what I put you through, only getting softer and more comfy over time.

I love you so much, so it kills me to leave you.

You see, I’m apple shaped.  I can’t even call myself “curvy”, since there aren’t much in the way of curves to speak  of.  I’m not even pear shaped, I am a perfect apple, with the widest part of my body exactly where the waistband and fly button of blue jeans hits. My belly pushes you down, so there is a chunk of fabric right over my crotch. Trust me, this is not a flattering look.  Could I buy a larger size to match my outsized waist? Sure! But I’d be swimming in the extra fabric everywhere else.  Could I buy boy’s sizes, and wear suspenders?  Probably, but I’m really not interested in that look.  Could I buy jeggings? that’s a firm no. because jeggings.

Jeans, it’s not you, it’s me.   I’m just not comfortable wearing you anymore. instead of forcing my body into clothes that don’t match my shape, or starving myself to match the shape of my clothes, I’m just going to wear different clothes.

I’m not going to wear you for a while, but I’ll always love you, and you’ll always be in my heart.


Apple Shaped Girl.




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