yogurt and trail mix

I love food porn.  You know, those websites with beautiful food pictures, and recipes that make it sound so easy, and then you try it and your dish doesn’t look anything like the picture, but you keep going back to that website anyways (Food52, looking at you. Why can’t I quit you?).


I shouldn’t trash food blogs, I get a TON of great recipes from them and I love to cook. Food blogs are like a never ending issue of Real Simple magazine.


I laughed my head off the other day, when I found an article on a fancypants food blog that will not be named, about a luxurious traditional Turkish breakfast. The writer of the article had recently returned from Istanbul, and fell in love with this particular breakfast that was available at her hotel.   Are you ready for the One Weird Trick to an amazing Turkish breakfast?


It’s thick Greek yogurt,  topped with your choice of chopped dried fruit, chopped nuts, and seeds.  maybe a drizzle of honey.


So, erm,  greek yogurt with trail mix?  Dude, I have this for breakfast like every fricken’ day.  I buy plain full fat Fage brand yogurt (cuz most yogurt tastes gross) and the bulk bag of fruits and nuts trail mix, and then sprinkle some (ok, a lot) of trail mix on my yogurt.


I had no idea I was having a fancy Turkish breakfast!  next time I sprinkle my yogurt with trail mix (sometimes I switch it up and just sprinkle craisins on top, or maybe some of those chopped pecans in the fridge) I’m going to make sure everyone in the house and on the internet knows I’m having a fancy Turkish breakfast.


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