no socks!

You know those crazy women who don’t wear socks in cold weather? They’ll be wearing heavy pants, long sleeve shirt, a coat, and a hat,  and shoes but no socks?

I’ve become that woman.

it’s been a ridiculously warm autumn, but it’s finally starting to get cold here.  It’s 45 degrees out, and when I got dressed for work this morning, I put on my slip on shoes, and no socks.

When I was in my 20s, I’d wear two pairs of socks, and my feet would still be freezing all the darn time.  But after 35 and gaining weight?  those sockless feet are my built in air conditioning!


4 thoughts on “no socks!”

  1. Ooh, Hawaii must be beautiful!

    Here in Michigan it gets mighty cold, although I think we’re going to have a mild winter this year. Mild means lots of days in the teens and 20s, very few days under 10 degrees. Just go the snow tires put on the car last week, so I’m all set!

    And yes, I probably won’t wear socks under my snow boots most of the winter.


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