Great Reasons to shop Consignment

I love shopping consignment stores.  Everything from Good Will to upscale consignment to the clothing racks at Vintage and antiques shops, those are my favorite places to buy clothing, purses, wallets, belts, accessories, and even kitchen pans.  I probably brag too much about shopping consignment and used clothing stores.

Here are some great reasons to join me at the consignment store:

  1. It’s less stressful.  I don’t know about you, but I find the mall really stressful. If I find a blouse I like, of course they have it in every size but the one I need. I end up digging through racks and racks of pants in an attempt to find my size.  Sales aren’t really sales,  store staff seems more interested in selling me a credit card than helping me find clothes I’ll be happy with, and the list goes on.  None of this occurs at Consignment shops. You want a blouse in size M? There’s the rack of all the Ms we have.  You need pants in size 12? There’s the rack of every single size 12 in the shop.
  2. Your dollar goes further (duh!).  I tend to shop for particular brands at consignment shops: Banana Republic, Gap, White House Black Market, Chico’s, Talbots.  No need to wait for a clearance sale,  those Banana Republic slacks are $8,  that White House Black Market sweater is $10.  I’ve got an overflowing work wardrobe because my dollar goes a lot further at the resale shop. More money left in your pocket means you have more options to spend that money on other things.
  3. Your dollar can go to a good cause.  Some resale shops are charity shops. Your dollars go to American Cancer Society, or a local organization that helps people in need, or a local religious  organization that helps people.  There is a store near me called The Discovery Shop, and all their profits go towards Cancer research.  I buy cool stuff there and I feel good about it.
  4. You’ll find some amazing statement pieces.  Ready for a treasure hunt for that one of a kind purse, accessory, dress, or anything else?  Explore your local antique shops and resale shops that specialize in Vintage clothing.  This WILL be a treasure hunt. You’ll have shopping trips where you come home empty handed.  But you will find gold too. a number of years go I got a Kate Spade handbag for $6.  I’ve never in my life received so many compliments on a purse of all things!  At an antique shop I fell in love with a military style wool winter coat.  It’s a statement piece and a conversation starter. Once you meet me in that coat you will never forget me.
  5. It’s a great way to meet business owners in your neighborhood.  If the resale shop isn’t connected with a charity, chances are it is owned and managed by someone who lives nearby.  If you’re looking to build a network locally, chatting with owners and managers at resale shops is a great way to start. You are spending money at their business, so they already like you,  if the shop isn’t busy, start a conversation. How long have they had their business? What’s their favorite part about having their own shop?


For those of you who have already discovered the awesomeness that is consignment and resale shopping,  what’s the best thing you ever bought consignment/resale?  Do you have a favorite resale store?


4 thoughts on “Great Reasons to shop Consignment”

    1. Wow, that is a great find!! I’ve not yet found a Goodwill pay by the pound store, but I’ve been to a lot of places where you pay 3 or 4 bucks for a paper grocery bag, and whatever you can jam in the bag is yours.


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