They aren’t on my sleeve

I don’t smile a lot (yay RBF!). My body language is subdued. I am a very subtle and rather private person.

I’m often accused of being unemotional.

I’m very emotional. I just don’t wear it on my sleeve.

This is how I recently explained it to someone.

Imagine pipes going way down deep into the earth, like down to where there is volcano heat. All that heat is coming up the pipes, and moving all the air around, and by the time the hot air gets to the top it’s full of glitter and movement and thought and thunder and lightening and everything that was ever everything and it’s all over the place and in every color and it sparkles.

The pipes open up above ground into a giant beautiful crystal greenhouse. And the light and sparkles and lightening in all the colors of everything bustles around the greenhouse and rattles the windows and is nearly breaking the glass every second.

My emotions aren’t on my sleeve. They fill a greenhouse the size of my imagination and they come from the depths of me.


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