What a Weird Job Interview

I lost my job in February (srsly, it’s OK), which means I’ve been applying for a ton of jobs, and have been on a bunch of job interviews lately.   For those of you keeping score, I mostly use Indeed.com and LinkedIn for job searching.  Local networking events have been very helpful as well.

I got a good laugh at a networking event by comparing job interviews with meeting a marriage suitor.  You’re going to be spending 40+ hours a week with this person, possibly for years, so you better like them before agreeing to a committed relationship! Everyone laughed, nervously.

But, job interviews. Wow can you learn a lot about a company through the interview process! and if the person interviewing you is the person you’d be reporting to if hired? Pay attention, because they are telling you everything you need to know about their management style through the way they run the interview.

I have been on a lot of really good interviews. Interviews where the person interviewing me asking pointed questions about how I handled specific situations, what am I looking for in a new career, why am I interested in their company, etc.    If I listed all the positive experiences I’ve had, the list would be ten pages long.

But I want to share with you a negative, or if not negative, a weird interviewing experience I had.  there were many weird and unprofessional things this person did,  these are what stuck in my mind:

  • The hiring manager called me on a Saturday afternoon, and went right into a phone screening without asking “is now a good time?”
  • the interviewer scheduled in-person interviews 30 minutes apart
  • the interviewer carbon copied all of the candidates on the interview schedule
  • the interviewer was not clear about the job description or expectations

As our in-person interview progressed, I got the impression that this person had no idea how to interview candidates, and didn’t think it was important to learn how.  This is the kind of person who is not committed to hiring the right person, who thinks hiring the right person happens magically.

As our interview came to a close an hour later, the interviewer asked me the following questions.  I do not believe any of these are illegal to ask in an interview, but they sure were strange:

Do you have family nearby?

Where are you from?

Do you have any pets?

Do you rent or own your home?

I answered these questions with an increasingly puzzled look on my face.  The interviewer responded to my non-verbal communication with “I need someone who doesn’t have any obligations outside of work. Nothing is more frustrating than when someone says they have to go home to take care of their dog”.

I did not walk out of that job interview, I RAN.   There were two other people waiting in the reception area, one of whose interview was supposed to have started an hour ago.  I hope none of them had pets, kids, or a lawn to mow.





Co-washing success!

I don’t wash my hair every day, I admit it!  I’ve got thick curly hair that confounds all hair stylists. It does whatever it wants, and honestly, the days that I don’t make any attempt to do anything with it are the days it looks the nicest.   I don’t own a hairbrush, I don’t use a blow-dryer, i don’t put product in my hair. I braid it to keep the tangles down.  Whenever someone asks me what my secret to big wavy/curly hair is, I shrug and say “Pantene”. It’s like $6 at Target.

pantene smooth and sleek

Sometime in my mid 20s, I discovered Pantene conditioner. Just the right amount of whatever stuff they put in their conditioner, it was just the right formula for my hair. It detangled, and didn’t weigh my hair down. I freakin’ LOVE Pantene conditioner. Been using this stuff for going on 10 years!  Smooth and Sleek is the absolute best, but in a pinch Curl Perfection or Moisturizing works too. I stay away from the Volumizer stuff, because as much as I love my  big hair, I don’t need it to be bigger.

Shampoo is not a super big deal, I use whatever is around.  It usually takes 4-6 days for my scalp to get itchy and greasy and gross, and time to wash my hair. For two days after I wash my hair, it looks like crap.

If you’re a Pantene user, you noticed in the last few months they’ve switched my beloved Smooth and Sleek conditioner to a line called “DreamCare”.  When the old stuff went on clearance at Target I knew it was being discontinued and bought ALL OF IT.  Because Smooth and Sleek IS LIFE.   I didn’t like being forced to chance to a different hair care product. The new stuff had a weird texture like vanilla pudding, it didn’t seem to detangle my hair as well.  It was different and weird, and I was running out places that still had the old stuff on the shelf.

but . . .

a few weeks later I noticed something.  I’ve been using DreamCare for about two weeks solid now, and my scalp doesn’t get greasy. Or itchy. like, at all.

Pantene curl

The last time I washed my hair with shampoo it was because I thought I should, not because I needed to.  My scalp and hair weren’t greasy or itchy.

It’s been at least a week since I washed my hair with shampoo, and my hair doesn’t look greasy, and my scalp feels great. My head feels like I washed my hair 4 days ago, which used to be the golden day of hair perfection.  I’ve been on day 4 for . .  I dunno, 4 days  now?

DreamCare might have a weird texture, it might not be the best detangler in the entire universe (there’s always Johnson’s Leave in conditioner), but it’s given me co-washing success!!