Farmer’s Market Funk

Every year around this time, I always say to myself “I’m going to go to the Farmer’s Market every weekend this summer!”.  beautiful tomatoes, sweet lettuces, fruit, mushrooms, peppers,  local meat and cheese, food trucks, what could be better? Not much is right!

But it never seems to happen.  Saturdays go by, and I always say “I’ll go next week”.

there are two beautiful Farmer’s Markets not far from where I live. The “original” one is hidden in a neighborhood, smushed between a bingo parlor and the train tracks.  The place is packed, whether you get there at 6am or 1pm. Parking is a mess, with about a thousand people trying to park in a tiny neighborhood of narrow streets.  I’ve had some great experiences there, I’ve had some negative experiences there.  I don’t do well in bustling crowds, and this place is crowded and chaotic, so that could be part of my problem.

The “newer” Farmers Market is down south in the suburbs. parking seems fine, and the market is set up so that the bottlenecks are few and far between. there are picnic tables set up, there is no chaos whatsoever.  There are not that many booths (or at least not that many booths selling things I want to buy. How many booths of vegan doggie treats does a market really need?), so it seems a long drive for not much.

Am i terrible person that I’m perfectly OK buying my fruits and veggies at the grocery store most of the time?