Pity dating the Red Cross

I am thankful that I am healthy enough to donate blood.  On and off through my 20s and into my early 30s, donating blood through the Red Cross or MI Blood was easy breezy – a few times a year one of those organizations did a blood drive at or right near my workplace, and I could arrange for a family member or friend to drive me home.  I’d wait for the flyers to start showing up at work, I’d reserve a slot, the phlebotomist would poke me, and someone would drive my sleepy drooly ass home.  Oh, you’re fine after donating blood? Yeah, I’m not.  I feel like headed and drunk for a minimum of 2 hours afterwards. But, I still donate.   It’s a small positive change I can make in the world.

Due to a crazy work schedule I went a few years without donating. About 5 months ago, I was able to start donating again, and I’ve done two Red Cross blood  drives since February of this year. Yay me!   I currently work an hour away from home, so unless I want to take an entire afternoon or a full day off from work it is only feasible for me to do a blood drive that happens on the weekend.

I did those two blood drives, and now I’m on the Red Cross’s radar.

and they call me.  Constantly.  I get on average 10 calls a week from the Red Cross. I wish I was kidding.  Sometimes they hang up if I don’t answer, sometimes it is a recording of someone saying they are in dire need of my blood type.  Am I an asshole, or is ten calls a week just bit extreme?

The numbers that call me up to four times a day include:




I’ll get a call, they’ll hang up after 3 rings, and then they immediately call back.

I finally answered one of the calls today.   And there was a real person on the other end!! Part of me wanted to reach through the phone and punch this woman for calling me for the 10th time this week, but by the time she’d gotten through her 3 minute script I’d cooled down. I wasn’t frustrated with her, I was frustrated with the Red Cross constantly nagging me over and over and over and over and refusing to take no for an answer.

What do you do with someone who is harmless but is nagging you constantly? They won’t take no for an answer, but they are too nice for you to tell them to fuck off before you get a restraining order? One option is to go on a pity date with them.

Once I was finally able to get a word in edgewise with the actually very nice Red Cross lady, I explained my situation that I am now only available to do a blood drive on the weekends, and I have to arrange ahead of time for a family member to drive me, and if there is a blood drive coming that will accommodate my schedule, I’d be happy to sign up for it.  She signed me up for a drive that in about two weeks and said she’d send me an e-mail confirmation. My phone was pinging that I”d gotten the e-mail before she even let me get off the phone.

The first Saturday of August, I’m going on a pity date with the Red Cross.  At least I’ll feel good about about it and maybe get some yummy cookies.

The big question is will the pity date stop the phone calls.   I will be ineligible to donate for 56 days after the donation. Will it be 56 days of 10 fewer spammer phone calls a week? I’ll tell you in September!









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