shopping in the wrong section

I’m short, and proportioned, erm, oddly.  and um, I sweat, like, a lot.  Me and cotton socks are super BFFs.

so the other day, I’m out shopping and my goal is to buy: black socks for work that have a high cotton content, and some more of those super adorable maxi skirts.

Husband and I went through every pair of black socks at Kohl’s and Penney’s. barely any cotton content.  So we went to the kids section, and found some black Nike socks for boys that were 80% cotton.  I wear a size 6 – 6.5 shoe, so kids socks I can totally do.  Win!

now for some skirts.  I tried that fancy Cato place, and Dress barn, and Maurice’s, and a few other lady like stores. All had some cute maxi skirts.  But they were about 10 inches too long, perfect if I wanted to pull the elastic up to my armpits, put on a belt and wear it as a strapless summer dress.   In the same mall as Cato and Maurice’s was a Target. Oh how I love Target! Where I can buy a winter jacket and a bikini in the same store! I bet they have some cute maxi skirts!   The skirts in the women’s dept were way to long, so I marched myself over to the kids department. . . .

and twenty minutes later was the proud owner of two long skirts that were a girls size 16.  A little snug in the waist, but the length is perfect.  and the fabric is a lot thicker than what you find in the ladies department. I guess adult women are totally fine with nearly see through clothes but your average fourteen year old isn’t having any of that crap?

Today’s chat-around questions are:

what do you buy in unexpected areas of a department store?


Now that i have adorable maxi skirts, how the hell do I style these things?  One is black and grey striped, the other is purple and blue striped, and the last one is all white.


I’d rather wear his t-shirt

As much as I complain about shopping, I really do love the variety of clothes available. A million styles of blouses and t-shirts and slacks and skirts and yoga pants and don’t even get me started on my love for shoes!!    Clothes shopping can be hell sometimes (ok, anytime I’m trying to buy jeans, it is HELL, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post) but I do love that there is so much stuff for me to choose from.


with so much to choose from, why am I constantly wearing my husband’s old t-shirts?  Why are his t-shirts a hundred times softer against my skin than 99% of the clothes that I own?  His t-shirts get washed in the same detergent as mine,  his t-shirts get put through the dryer less often.  but they are so soft!!


why are men’s t-shirts the softest thing in the world, and women’s clothes and underwear and bras itchy as fuck?