pill popping and getting some damn sleep

For period cramps I mix two regular strength IB Profins with one Aleve, and take more IB Profin 4 hours later. the first 24 hours of my period I have the worst damn cramps.  I’m sure people have worse cramps that I do, but these suck donkeyballs.  Last time I was at the drug store, I picked up a box of Midol, just for kicks (does anyone even buy that stuff anymore?) and the ingredients and quantities were identical to Excedrin, which for some reason was hilarious.  Someone once recommended putting a heating pad on my lower belly, but it made me nauseous.

Trying to get some sleep is the absolute worst. The first night, and sometimes the first two nights of my period, I’ll sleep propped up on the couch. Something about having my head propped up like that, and my feet pushing against the other arm of the sofa is just so comforting.

What’s your  OTC drug cocktail for period cramps?  Do you have a secret to getting some decent sleep while on the rag?